In the event of a release of a hazardous contaminant into the atmosphere, either intentional (chemical or biological terrorism) or by industrial accident, there is a need to protect the occupants of the buildings in the immediate area.

The sudden and immediate danger requires an emergency gas removal system that has to be operational within a few seconds. Typically, the simplest mechanical technologies not only provide the best result; they also prove to be more reliable. Hopefully, a spill will never occur but if it does you want to be prepared.

Our 35 years, Circul Aire has been designing and manufacturing airborne contaminant control system that help to protect against lethal agents dispersed into building air distribution system and provide first line of defense with a single platform concept for outdoor and indoor air contaminant systems.

Our system can be found in Airport, office building, emergency muster stations, bunkers, emergency respond centers, embassies and consulates, government building, military and heavy industries.

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