The problem of corrosion in industrial environments such as refineries, pulp and paper and chemical factories is as old as industry itself. Unlike hard corrosion which causes physical degradation of equipment, soft corrosion attacks the process control systems with minimal visual signs. We have long aware that electronic components are at the mercy of the gases and acids that such environments contain. As a result, corrosion of these components causes production stoppages, increased production costs, higher maintenance budgets and lower productivity.

Odor and corrosion problems from various manufacturing processes are often the result of multiple airborne contaminants, organic overloading inadequate air supply or simply the failure to recognize that certain unit processes may require the implementation of special odor control technology. The objective of odor control is to prevent or minimize nuisance odor levels to the surrounding community. Safety and comfort of the employees working in plant facilities has also become a top priority.

For years, Circul-Aire has been well known in controlling corrosion and odor potential in industrial environment. Circul-Aire’s unique systematic method base on integrated approach which comprises of four distinct stages diagnose, measure, control and optimize can be undertaken progressively, with each stage constituting and integral segment of the overall solution

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